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Tuesday, July 31, 2001 :::

Found this very interesting diary from inside the closet. Things like this make me feel wrong for being so voyeuristic but it's always just so damn interesting.

::: posted by johnok at 12:51 PM

Monday, July 30, 2001 :::

I am very happy to discover that there is promotional material for the new new order single. this via haddock.org

::: posted by johnok at 5:39 PM

Very interesting article in the sun about this book I read a while ago, Ali and Nino. The original author remained a mystery for quite some time until a recent new yorker article. It generally concerns baku at the time of the first world war and the russian revolution and also star-crossed lovers, east-west culture clashes and is generally an absolutely fascinating read.

::: posted by johnok at 5:37 PM

I've also started reading this log as well

::: posted by johnok at 5:35 PM

So, still under construction. working on all the sidebar links, which look ugly right now.

::: posted by johnok at 12:32 PM

Friday, July 27, 2001 :::

So I am trying the new template with the WPA angel-workers thing. Not too sure I like the color scheme entirely, as I don't like lavender and lime green links all the time. But I am quite enthralled with the WPA-looking stuff. and the little thing at the top. I was also considering the geodesic dome thing, but decided that it was a little visually distracting. I need to also update the sidebar, but all the tables make it a little difficult to indicate where to put that. More improvements to come, assuredly.

::: posted by johnok at 10:53 AM

Thursday, July 26, 2001 :::

more abfab gossip. It seems that eddie will be hosting some sort of game show or something.

::: posted by johnok at 10:43 AM

This week's New Yorker has an interesting book review by Malcolm Gladwell - all about caffeine. Very interesting.

::: posted by johnok at 10:42 AM

So I haven't really put up what I've been listening to recently. I go the Rufus Wainwright cd right when it came out and have been listening to it ever since. So amazing. Well-crafted. worth a listen. I also started listening to the only opera cd I have, Bizet's Carmen with Maria Callas. The opera I love and I am quite fascinated with the whole Callas life story, but I have heard better carmens, sorry to say. Oh, I also just got a supreme beings of leisure cd, which I happen rather to like, especially the first track.

::: posted by johnok at 10:31 AM

Wednesday, July 25, 2001 :::

I need to update my weblog sidebar. but I've been reading felafel a good deal recently.

::: posted by johnok at 1:38 PM

Now this is the best hat ever. Or at least it seems that way. The photographer has a gift for optical illusion.

::: posted by johnok at 1:36 PM

It would seem that despite all their editorials on the matter, the new york times is not printing gay and lesbian wedding announcements. The logic, apparently is that they are not legally recognized as marriages in the U.S. So if someone gets married in Holland, do they get one then? I should certainly hope so.

::: posted by johnok at 1:32 PM

This, via this neat communications weblog I found, is a treasure trove of demographic information by zip code. Of course, remembering zip codes is a bit difficult. The Reader has a helpful map of chicago area zipcodes.

::: posted by johnok at 1:25 PM

Tuesday, July 24, 2001 :::

The Baltimore Sun has a truly amazing photo series which is impossible to link to, but concerns the recent fire. click on the photoessay thing on the sidebar.

::: posted by johnok at 1:25 PM

A very long and interesting article about scholarly infighting and the legacy of CS Lewis. I forget where I saw this, but points to who found it, cause I love love love that chronicle of higher education.

::: posted by johnok at 1:21 PM

Stanford University has opera libretti online.

::: posted by johnok at 1:16 PM

useful street maps.

::: posted by johnok at 12:55 PM

Some helpful travel tips from the new york times. Via Rebecca's Pocket.

::: posted by johnok at 12:55 PM

Tuesday, July 17, 2001 :::

There was an article a while ago in the Atlantic Monthly about students at Princeton and a sort of general panicky what has become of our children kind of thing. Nonetheless, despite the somewhat overwrought alarm, I found it to be a fairly accurate depiction of elite university education in this day and age.

::: posted by johnok at 11:22 AM

Thursday, July 12, 2001 :::

So it has been a while since I've posted. And consequently I have a hefty supply of links for your surfing pleasure.

::: posted by johnok at 1:01 PM

Our metro stations will be getting canopies. Big glassy postmodern canopies.

::: posted by johnok at 12:59 PM

So the Chicago real world is not surprisingly in wicker park. figures. The poster store down the street from where this picture was taken is the best I have ever been to.

::: posted by johnok at 12:58 PM

So now google has a statistics page. Lots of fun and generally full of colorful charts and the like. This was a link from somewhere else but unfortunately I forget where.

::: posted by johnok at 12:56 PM

I had a discussion concerning Slacker the other day and I remembered how fabulous the credits are. I love love love that internet movie database.

::: posted by johnok at 12:55 PM

Speaking of Mr. Eggers, I think some people have been carrying the whole fans of the book thing a little too far. Also, of course, via FOE!log.

::: posted by johnok at 12:54 PM

So it turns out that some of the Paris Review is online. who knew. This via the FOE!log. Which is now up and running again.

::: posted by johnok at 12:53 PM

An interesting article about ditching church.

::: posted by johnok at 12:51 PM

This particular site was a recent blog of note. The fact that someone TOOK NOTES while watching jerry springer is something I find truly odd. This does however, remind me of the days when I had cable and would watch talk soup. I haven't seen Aisha Tyler host yet, but I hear she's good. Simply loved Hal Sparks and am alled thrilled for him doing queer as folk now, which I haven't seen either, it being premium cable and thus doubly out of my viewing possibilities.

::: posted by johnok at 12:50 PM

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