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Monday, August 20, 2001 :::

This weekend I went to New York! Lots of fun. bought some neat pants. and I got a superb cd, the man who. very very fond of travis, which sounds very sundays and smiths and that sort of thing.

::: posted by johnok at 4:30 PM

The real world saga continues.

::: posted by johnok at 4:22 PM

The CTA in 1913.

::: posted by johnok at 4:21 PM

Friday, August 17, 2001 :::

So someone has kept a very detailed record of everything they throw away. link via the scoop.

::: posted by johnok at 10:03 AM

Tuesday, August 14, 2001 :::

so mapquest has aerial photos now. a little clunky, but still pretty neat nonetheless, and some of them are in color.

::: posted by johnok at 2:43 PM

Friday, August 10, 2001 :::

still deciding on a new color scheme. will be working on it.

::: posted by johnok at 1:07 PM

Entertainment Weekly has hitched on to the weblog phenomenon with an article about celebrity weblogs, noted by neil gaiman in his aug 4 entry. (thanks, laura g)

::: posted by johnok at 1:04 PM

The IRS has a cartoon history of taxation, blissfully unaware of its own camp value.

::: posted by johnok at 12:57 PM

This article in New City Chicago goes on to say more about the real word protests and I must say that the whole affair sounds a little bizarre. If I were still living in chicago I would want to be there not so much to participate but rather to observe the spectacle. I really do wonder how much wicker park has changed since I left. I really liked to go there especially since at the time it seemed so secret from hyde park - hardly anyone had heard of it, or at least it seemed that way.

::: posted by johnok at 12:55 PM

Tuesday, August 07, 2001 :::

So it seems that the real world has continued to remain a controversial issue in wicker park. But I didn't know people were that upset about it until now.

::: posted by johnok at 12:55 PM

Had a blast this weekend at madonnarama, and I must say was surprised to discover that it was a newsworthy event. But then again, fun in dc is a rare event.

::: posted by johnok at 12:53 PM

Congress has a handy biographical dictionary for all right honorable gentlemen (and ladies) past and present.

::: posted by johnok at
12:51 PM

Lines and Splines was a recent blog of note. I find a font-related weblog simply irresistable.

::: posted by johnok at 12:50 PM

Action figure block party. This was, I believe, from the bradlands.

::: posted by johnok at 12:48 PM

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