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Saturday, September 22, 2001 :::

And now I have returned, and things are so very different. My weekend getaway to new york last month seems oddly innocent. I was in Kyrgyzstan when all this happened, and it was a while before I actually really got to see what had happened. Nonetheless, despite all the extra security and canceled flights and all that, I managed to make it back to washington on the flight I had booked, and got in last sunday. Washington looked normal, almost. I wasn't expecting flags everywhere, but there they were, on the back windows of cars, in front of houses, big huge flags hung on the side of buildings, and little small ones in the coffee shop where I often get breakfast.

The trip, despite the unfortunate events that occurred elsewhere, was simply amazing. Central Asia is so beautiful, such stunning mountain ranges and vast herds of cattle, sheep, and horses. It could be the old west were it not for the occasional yurt on the horizon. I have taken pictures and intend to scan them in. I have a few more rolls that I left with my father to get developed and send me. There are pictures of yaks on those rolls, so I hope I get them soon, as I would like to scan them in also

::: posted by johnok at 7:59 PM

Saturday, September 01, 2001 :::

So, I will be on vacation and not coming back until september 17. stay tuned.

::: posted by johnok at 11:27 AM

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