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Sunday, October 30, 2005 :::

thank god for transparency in government.

::: posted by johnok at 7:40 PM

last weekend me and Gonzalo and our friends Mike and Michel went on a big gay outing to the countryside, and stopped for lunch at a restaurant promising a large buffet, which did not dissapoint. I felt a little out of place amongst the crowd of retirees enjoying their post-church sunday brunch and we seem to have been regarded at as a bit of a curiosity. In the middle of our meal, a distinguished looking gentlemen approached our table and began to quote us poetry, milton in fact. He went back to his table and returned a few more times, to recite a few more lines - his wife came by on the last visit and bore the look of a woman who had over the years comfortably acclimated herself to her husband's eccentricities and gently ushered him toward the cloak room. after lunch, we forged further north, crossing into pennsylvania, drove through the town of gettysburg but didn't stop until we were further away from civil war whatnot and stopped at a roadside stand which offered more apples for five dollars than I think I have ever been. so naturally I stocked up. we drove around the half-harvested orchards, looking at the apple trees which were either heavy-laden with bright red apples or entirely devoid of them. all in all, a nice day trip that we all enjoyed.

::: posted by johnok at 7:31 PM

I want this bookshelf.

::: posted by johnok at 11:18 AM

Saturday, October 29, 2005 :::

so when I come across something I want to post, I write myself a little email from my .mac account to my hotmail account. but it seems like those .mac messages aren't reaching their destination, which has meant a dearth of posting. it also means I have to go back and sort over those old links to see what's still timely and worthwhile. so we'll see.

::: posted by johnok at 3:52 PM

another blog to add to the mac nerd corner: drunkenblog.

speaking of exciting mac nerd things, civ 3 complete, including conquests and play the world, will be coming to mac, along with civ 4 in early january, according to the civ fanatics web site, whch has nasty popup ads that sometimes sneak past the popup blocker. the original article can be found here.

I have forbidden myself from playing until the semester is over. I've held out so far, but can resist everything except temptation.

::: posted by johnok at 3:41 PM

Monday, October 10, 2005 :::

I've uploaded my photos from this weekend. They're from Swallow Falls State Park near Deep Creek Lake in western Maryland. Gonzalo took pictures too, and I may upload a few if he'll let me.

::: posted by johnok at 9:18 PM

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